Thursday, May 8, 2014

10,000 Reasons to Give Away Your Product for Free

To give away your product for free
That’s the number of new customers a BitsDuJour Giveaway can attract.
With us, they can be yours
Here are some numbers, pulled from several of our latest, greatest BitsDuJour Giveaways
10,000 Double Opt-in Email Addresses 6,500  facebook likes 100+ simultaneious Upsells
The BitsDuJour Giveaway
Imagine an immediate social media presence if you don’t already have one, and a dramatic boost if you do. Plus, a massive increase to your mailing list, and even potential coverage from high-profile media outlets. It’s all possible with BitsDuJour Giveaways.
250,000 More Reasons
BitsDuJour welcomes an average of 10,000 unique visitors to each promotion. They come via our 200,000 person mailing list and our 50,000 Facebook fans,and are eagerly awaiting your product.
An Easy Setup
Getting set up is simple. The requirements for participation are flexible, and best of all, our service won’t cost you a penny.
Simultaneous Upsell
By offering a simultaneous upsell with a discounted Professional version (e.g., Enterprise, Multi-Year, etc.), we’ve figured out how to monetize on our BitsDuJour Promotions and create instant, paying customers.

You have questions, we have answers.
Do I have to provide support to all those thousands of new customers?
Up to you! In general we ask that the product you’re giving away be as similar as possible to the paid version, but we think that support is an allowable exception.
Who handles code delivery?
We do! All we need from you are a list of license codes (5,000 to start, then more as necessary). We take care of the nitty gritty details and handle setup. We even host the installer on our servers for you.
Which version should I give away?
That depends on your goals. If you’re looking for a bit of revenue, we’d definitely recommend giving away the lowest price point version while upselling the better version. However, if you want to maximize Facebook likes and emails, ‘better’ versions = better results!
What if my software is subscription based?
Great! In some ways this is even easier. We’ll give away a bundle consisting of ­6–12 months, and offer a discounted upsell for a bundle with even more months.
Wait a second, what’s in it for you?
Easy, the same as you :) A customer needs to like both your Facebook fan page and the BDJ Facebook fan page in order to get the deal, and by downloading the deal, the customer gives us both permission to email. The same goes for the upsells ­> we split the profits 50/50. It’s all a shared endeavor.
Are these ‘good’ email addresses?
Yes, we checked with our lawyers to ensure that the system complies with CANSPAM regulations. The email addresses are all double opt­-in, and we do our best to filter out junk/disposable email addresses (several hundred domains in the filter and counting) from the get­go.

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