Thursday, January 30, 2014

BitsDuJour has given away over a Million pieces of free software

Here at BitsDuJour we spend a lot of time analyzing our data. We're neck deep in custom reports and SQL queries. Imagine our surprise this morning when we discovered that we've given away over a million pieces of free software over the last few years!

We're not talking about any feature-crippled versions, or "Lite" versions either, we're talking about the real thing. Fully functioning software, without any gotchas. That's great news for anyone searching for a fantastic deal - it doesn't get much better than 100% off.

Oh and there's more to come, check out what we have on offer today!

Monday, January 13, 2014

BitsDuJour Surface 2 Competition Winner!

The BitsDuJour family is happy to announce THERESA PIERSON as the winner of the grand prize in our latest Christmas promotion!  Theresa now joins the ranks of proud owners of the Microsoft Surface 2 tablet, the latest portable computing device from the masterminds in Redmond, complete with Office 2013 RT and Outlook for the ultimate in mobile road warrior-ing.

The results of this contest really did result in a perfect match.  Limited mobility due to disability means Theresa’s computer provides her with invaluable access to the rest of the world, but until now she has been restricted to her desktop computer.  More savvy and creative than the rest of us, Theresa has taken full advantage of her hardware, using it as a learning device, for creating art, writing, and for gaining insight into the lives and perspectives of people from around the world.  But she’s been scheduled to visit her daughter soon for a month-long visit!  The catch?  Her daughter has no computer.

Imagine being so connected with your computer, but having to go without it for an entire month!  Well, thanks to her new Microsoft Surface 2, Theresa won’t have to worry about this – in fact, she may even develop a preference for her new tablet over her desktop during her trip.  Bon voyage, Theresa, and keep us updated on your new life with the Surface 2!