Thursday, January 30, 2014

BitsDuJour has given away over a Million pieces of free software

Here at BitsDuJour we spend a lot of time analyzing our data. We're neck deep in custom reports and SQL queries. Imagine our surprise this morning when we discovered that we've given away over a million pieces of free software over the last few years!

We're not talking about any feature-crippled versions, or "Lite" versions either, we're talking about the real thing. Fully functioning software, without any gotchas. That's great news for anyone searching for a fantastic deal - it doesn't get much better than 100% off.

Oh and there's more to come, check out what we have on offer today!


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  2. Way cool. I try to stop by every day. The only "deals" I don't like are the ones where you have to install it that day (or within three days - or some other restrictive date) and that you can't re-install should something happen to my hard drive. Some of these aren't clear before you download them.

    You do such a good job at finding great deals for us, I wish you could just stop the deals that are like giveawayoftheday or something.

    Not a dig. Just a suggestion. I LOVE BitsDujour!!!

    1. I can't believe I didn't say congratulations!

      Congratulations!!! :)

    2. Hey Dennis really glad that you're loving the deals!
      The restrictions for installing on the same day are only on our 100% Off deals.
      We clearly note this on the Fine Print tab and on the receipt email.


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