Friday, August 23, 2013

New Mail Server Up and Running

We send a lot of email at BitsDuJour - and when I say a lot I'm talking millions of email messages a month. It's a big task, fraught with problems, and we're happy to say we've just completed taking a huge leap forward in switching to a new hosted solution.

We know some of our fans had problems unsubscribing from the old system - and that was to do with the way we had one list on our site, and one list in our email service providers. These lists needed constant syncing, and sometimes requests to unsubscribe would get lost.

Now with the new system we have one list on our site and unsubscribe requests are processed instantly!

Not only that - take a look at this screenshot from our new admin control panel:

It's rare that sites that send the volume of email that we do get a spam complaint rate of 0.00%. The bounce rate, meaning the number of times an email is sent to a bad email address, is almost never 0.00% either.

We're really happy that means we're continuing to send the email that people want to receive!

While we're talking about green lights BitsDuJour also scores a green ranking on the Web of Trust. If you like what we do then please cast your vote and add a comment.

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