Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why is Performance Marketing is the New Affiliate Marketing?

Next week BitsDuJour will be at the Performance Marketing Insights Conference in New York, March 12-13th.

"Performance Marketing" is a new term that is quickly replacing "Affiliate Marketing", so why the need for a new term? Well affiliate marketing covers a huge range of terms, from sites like us at BitsDuJour where we are paid by vendors as a percentage of a sale that we refer. Affiliate marketing is now huge, with companies like Amazon and eBay making huge sums, and spreading the wealth to their affiliates. Affiliate marketing covers anything from those long long website pages that keep on selling and selling, until exhausted you either purchase or simply give up. Performance Marketing is aimed at more established sellers. Companies that have heir own customer support, send their own emails, and run full advertising and marketing campaigns, not to mention social media campaigns.

Since the changes in the Google algorithm last year, a lot of the traditional affiliate marketers in the software space have suffered. Gone are the days that affiliate marketers could simply put up a download site with content from the PAD directory. These sites all had the same content, the same screenshots, the same apps, and at last Google has pushed them down in the search rankings so that the software seeking public no longer has hundreds of the same listing repeated over and over again.

Regardless of your views on the new term, we hope to see you in New York next week. A big thanks to our friends at iAffiliateManagement for the invite!

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